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Rethinking Menstruation: Taboos and beyond

I appeared in a German documentary, “Tabu Periode: Fluch & Segen der Menstruation” [Taboo Period: Blessing and Curse of Menstruation] by German filmmaker, Angelika Wörthmüller, released on Sept. 12, 2021 on German public television (RBB). A summary of the film (in German and English) appears here. The film is viewable online here (though it may only be viewable in Germany). (My segment, in which I discuss menstrual experiences among Yurok Indians of California and Beng of Côte d’Ivoire, begins at 13’38” and goes until 14’52”.)

Documentary film by Angelika Wörthmüller
[“Prof. Dr. Alma Gottlieb explores menstruation in Côte d’Ivoire”]

A World of Babies

“Untaming: Rewild the Child,” podcast interview with Mary Francell, Episode 38. Alma Gottlieb: A World of Babies, June 24, 2021.  [Interview starts at 3’0″.]  Online here.  

“This is the podcast for anyone who has a child,
wants a child or knows a child.”

Childcare in America is Broken

Featured in: “No One Is Coming to Save Us,” Lemonade Media, Episode 2: “Birth of a Broken System” (with commentary from Gloria Riviera), May 20, 2021.  Online here (my segment starts at 8’10” and ends at 15’15”).

No One is Coming to Save Us
Gloria Riviera investigates where everything went wrong for childcare in America, and Kristen Bell joins to give Richard Nixon a piece of her mind. Gloria digs into the shame, guilt, and divisions baked into our earliest day nurseries, and reveals how old-fashioned gender norms and blatant racism killed promising federally-funded, early childcare programs. With Dorothy E. Roberts, Sonya Michel, Alma Gottlieb, Ruth Hoffman, O’Niel Dillon, and Charlotte Riviera (yes – Gloria’s mom).

Talking and Not Talking about Menstruation

Podcast with Tony Fischer, Episode 6: “Surfing the Crimson Wave: Talking and Not Talking about Menstruation,” Linguistics Lounge, November 15, 2021.  Online here.

Linguistics Lounge
Linguistics Lounge podcast


Podcast with Megan McCue, on her blog, “Raising Primates,” on Sept. 10, 2019. Conversation clickable below, and online here.

Conversation on Sept. 10, 2019, with Megan McCue, of the “Raising Primates” blog.

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I was interviewed on Marco Werman’s PRI show, “The World,” about Pampers’ new “smart diapers.”  The show aired on Wed., July 24, 2019.  You can listen to our four-minute conversation here.


I was interviewed by fellow anthropologist, Dr. Ron Hart, president of the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society, on September 26, 2018.  You can listen to our conversation here.


I was interviewed by Rupa Pillai for the Cultural Anthropology blog about the experimental approach I have taken to some of my work, including A World of Babies.  You can listen to the podcast here.



I was interviewed by Fatima Torres for her blog, Motherhood through My Eyes, about the new edition of A World of Babies. You can read the interview here.



I was recently interviewed about menstrual practices cross-culturally by Dr. Kate Clancy on her podcast series, Period. You can listen to the podcast here or here.



In September 2015, I did a video interview with Cambridge University Press about the new edition of A World of Babies. You can see the interview here.



I did a video interview with Anthropologists for Dialogue on Israel & Palestine about the proposed academic boycott of Israel by the American Anthropological Association. You can see the interview here or here.


I was interviewed by Susan Brink on NPR (Aug. 11, 2015) about Donald Trump’s remarks attributing Megyn Kelly’s aggressive interviewing style to menstrual grumpiness. You can listen to the broadcast interview here.


Philip Graham and I read from Braided Worlds in September 2012 for the UIUC Creative Writing Program. You can hear the reading here.


I was interviewed on the Lenny Lopate Show on Feb. 16, 2004. You can find a record here.